Whether you are an end user or original equipment manufacturer, the world of backup power has become a daunting place. Over the last several years, the standby power market has seen an explosion of technological developments, including super capacitors, fuel cells, flow batteries, new chemistries such as Lithium Sulfer, and advances in traditional battery technologies. With more than 35 years’ of industry experience, LiiON is uniquely qualified to help you navigate through the broad spectrum of technology options and determine the optimal and most cost-effective solution for your application.
Technology Migration
LiiON can help you migrate from existing standby power technology to new longer-life, advanced monitoring solutions. In addition to installation and preventive maintenance programs, LiiON offers an exclusive “Cradle to Grave” battery management program that can reduce upfront capital expenditures and match the value over the life of the system.
Installation and Preventative Management Program
LiiON provides turnkey installation services and preventative management programs tailored to your needs. Our services include site surveys, battery replacement, site and power upgrades, spare replacement parts, and on-site programs.
To assure total compliance with state and federal EPA guidelines and laws, LiiON will dispose of and recycle your DC solutions when they need to be replaced. LiiON works with EPA-approved recyclers for proper handling and provides you with proper certification.


LiiON Overview