LiiON Unveils Industry-First UL-Listed Lithium MEGAWATT UPS Sytem
Published Dec. 15, 2014

EAST DUNDEE, IL— LiiON, LLC, a leader in safe, alternative stored energy solutions, is proud to introduce the industry’s first UL-listed lithium powered-on-demand Stored Energy System (S.E.S.) for uninterruptible power systems: the LiiON-MEGAWATT. The solution delivers safe power on demand that insures long, reliable standby battery life with virtually zero maintenance. Other benefits include a major reduction in weight and footprint, a robust level of system communication and battery information, and the elimination of the need for lead-acid battery replacement.

Ideal for mission-critical, standby power applications, the LiiON patent-pending S.E.S. backup solution integrates safe lithium iron phosphate chemistry with LiiON’s proprietary battery management system (BMS). Backed by years of testing and unparalleled quality assurance measures, the LiiON S.E.S. provides a high-energy solution that assures 24/7 system uptime, while significantly lowering cost-of-ownership.

LiiON’s platform of UL-approved solutions can deliver mega-watts of standby power in a small lightweight footprint, seamlessly connecting to the UPSs of many major manufacturers. Even more, datacenter end users can easily integrate LiiON’s Management and Monitoring System (LMMS) with their existing facility management system. With more than 35 years of power quality experience, LiiON’s senior management team is committed to delivering safe, reliable, and competitive power-on-demand lithium Stored Energy Solutions for the data center, UPS, telecom, cable, grid/peak energy and solar/wind enterprise markets.

For more information on the LiiON Stored Energy System (S.E.S.), please contact Sales@LiiONLLC.com at 844-544-6655. Or visit www.liionllc.com.

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LiiON Unveils Industry-First UL-Listed Lithium MEGAWATT UPS Sytem
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