We are lithium professionals

The mission of LiiON, LLC is to supply customers with innovative stored energy solutions to meet the demands of the ever-changing energy world. With solutions specially designed for data center, telecom, uninterruptible power system (UPS), cable and wind/solar applications, LiiON delivers unparalleled quality and value. From DC and AC products, to battery solutions ranging from lead-acid (VRLA) to advanced lithium ion and emerging technologies, LiiON relies on more than 35 years of industry expertise to constantly improve our stored energy solutions and optimize customer environments.

Telecom and Cable
Safe, reliable, cost-efficient and built for extended lifespan, LiiON systems are designed to improve cell tower operating efficiency and reduce the cost of maintaining backup power installations. LiiON also provides intelligent management to double batteries’ useful life and optimize backup performance.

Our best-of-class UPS solutions include cutting-edge, line-and-match, climate-controlled enclosures, customized and integrated lithium solutions, and products requiring limited maintenance and zero battery replacement. The LiiON system has been designed to operate in conjunction with most UPS equipment operating on a 480V DC bus.

The modular architecture of the LiiON lithium stored energy system — which combines runtime, battery longevity and extensive system manageability —allows us to quickly customize solutions. By pairing lithium cells with proprietary electronics, LiiON provides a safe and reliable lithium stored energy solution.